Plant flowers in your street

Fancy brightening up where you live? Have you got a pair of old shoes or wellie boots? Then why not put a spring in your step by planting some flowers in your shoe and displaying them around your neighbourhood?

You will need

  • Old shoes or boots... or anything you can upcycle into a planter!
  • Plants or seeds
  • Compost, gloves and a spade

This is an activity you can start doing by yourself and then encourage others in your community to follow, or you could arrange a day where you get together with your neighbours and start planting all together.


If you decide to do it with your neighbours, here's what you'll need to do:

Arrange a day and a place to get together, or promote it if you're hoping to get the wider community involved.

Ask people to bring their old wellies (if you want to do something like the image above), or pots, or any flower-holding device! And some plants or seeds.

Hold your planting session — make an occasion out of it if you fancy, with music and nibbles.

Have some compost and gloves handy, or ask people to bring their own.

Decide where to put the plants: along fences, in driveways, around street trees or benches. Be sure to keep track of which ones belong to which people, or who will care for each plant!

Keep the plants current: you might like to introduce some friendly neighbourhood competition, like 'the biggest boot' or 'summeriest steps' to get more people involved.

Remind people to remove them and/or try something new when the flowering finishes.

P.s.  Did you know?

Wherever possible, using peat-free compost (or even making your own!) is a small measure we can all take to protect our environment this spring. Peatlands are precious spaces for wildlife and they're a huge store of carbon - protecting them is vital in the fight against climate change.


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