Flap the Kipper

Flap the Kipper

Race your kippers to the finish line in this exciting event for young and old!

Flap the Kipper is a childhood favourite for many and a fun way to engage everyone - even if they're not playing themselves!

Create your kipper

Draw/paint/sketch/glitter-fy your kipper until it's the best looking kipper in the waters. Cut it out once it's dried off and ready to go.

Roll the flapper

Use newspapers or magazines to roll your flapper. Play around with technique based on what you think will give it the best flap.

Map the course

Create a start line and finish line. Use chalk, cones, objects, string or people as markers.

Ready, Set, Go!

Gather racers at the start line. When the gun goes off, racers must hit their batons on the ground to flap their kippers to the finish line. The first kipper across the line wins!