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Swap party sign with racks of clothing visible in background

52 sustainable little swaps 

Little changes can make all the difference.

Woman in garden making paper pom poms

Arts and crafts

DIY decorations for your event 

Make these upcycled ideas from household items – they’re free and easy!

Colourful wildflowers. The picture is taking from below with the flowers stretching up into the blue sky.

Games and activities

Pollinator friendly gardening

Pollinators like bees, butterflies and beetles are wonderful creatures. They help many plants produce seeds, nuts and fruits, which all…

street with bunting

Arts and crafts

How to make bunting

Bunting brightens any event, so what better way to spread the cheer than by making it yourself? It's easy to…

Plain flag template screenshot (illustrative)

Arts and crafts

Make your own Big Lunch flags

Everything you need to make paper flags for your Big Lunch.

Blue and yellow flower mosaics on brick wall

Games and activities

Create a community nature trail

We can all make small changes that make a big difference to our natural world. Help create and share local…

Chocolate peanut tahini brownies arranged on baking powder - the tahini and peanut butter are swirled into the top.


Chocolate and peanut butter brownies  

These chocolate and peanut butter brownies are deliciously moreish!

Green spinach pesto linguine


Green spinach pesto linguine  

This quick and easy plant-based pasta is perfect for sharing.

Farinata - a chickpea pancake with black pepper on top within a ciabatta roll


Giuseppe’s traditional Italian farinata

Farinata is a centuries old delicacy that dominates the Ligurian street food scene, although it can be found, with different…

Feta and spinach swirls on a baking tray


Feta and spinach swirls 

If you have ever been to Greece you have likely tried spanakopita, and these swirls are my take on it.

Vanilla cake with an icing glaze and sprinkles on top


School cake 

Many of us will remember this classic cake (often served with custard) from our school days. Here's how to recreate…

Strawberry and chocolate yoghurt bark


Strawberry & dark chocolate yoghurt bark 

Get the kids involved with these summery and easy-to-make sweet treats - this yoghurt bark is sure to be a…