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Create a community nature trail

Creating greener communities benefits us all. Spending time outside helps our physical and mental health while shared green spaces bring people from all backgrounds together.  

Knowing the power of biodiverse places, we’re proud to have partnered with the RSPB and More Human this summer to help you share the nature where you live.

In just a few simple steps, creating a Community Nature Trail helps more people enjoy and appreciate their surroundings. Or if you’re concerned nature is lacking where you live, simple nature activities like planting flowers in your street, sowing wildflower seeds or providing a ‘nature café’ are well worth sharing with your neighbours. 

Find out how to be your own trail-blazer below!

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What is a community nature trail?

A Community Nature Trail is a local map of spaces, activities, events, and projects that bring you closer to nature. It’s created by the community, for the community.   

Whether it’s permanent, for a season, or just for a weekend, a Community Nature Trail is a great way to showcase local social, cultural, and recreational activities involving nature. Creating your nature trail is the perfect free summer holiday activity too and can be used for schools and businesses. 

You can create your own trail or find one near you.

*Please note, if you know of nesting or young animals, you might not want to attract too much attention with your nature trail. 

How it works

We’ve partnered with community event experts More Human to make it really easy to build, promote, and share your nature trail with their handy website. Use More Human to create a trail in 3 easy steps.  

  1. Answer a few easy questions to create a free account 
  2. The website will guide you through creating your trail webpage and makes it easy to add sites and activities
  3. The website will help you share your trail so you can connect more local people with nature

Create your community nature trail

Why create a community nature trail?

Anyone can do it

If you’re passionate about nature and want to inspire others to connect with nature and each other, create a nature trail for your neighbourhood! Plus, it’s completely free!  

It doesn’t take long

Depending on the complexity of your trail, you can create it in 30 minutes. You can always add more stops and activities later.  

We’re here to help you

Our partner More Human can help you with the process. They have a team of experts who can assist you with creating and promoting your trail.  

More Human’s website makes it easy to promote your trail by creating posters, social media posts, and press releases for you. We’ll also include your trail on our central Community Nature Trails map.  

Get started now

Get started today and inspire others to take action for nature where you live!  

Create your trail with More Human – get started in just 5 minutes. 

Easy ideas to get started

Not quite ready to design a trail? Share your creations on social media using @edencommunities!

If you’re hoping to create a greener community, we have advice, support and inspiration to help you get started.

Make your community greener