19 June 2017

Belfast Harbour and Eden Project Communities teamed up to run an exciting competition, that not only celebrated community spirit, but provided young individuals with the chance to win prizes to enhance and develop their local areas, as part of this year’s Big Lunch.

A group of people having a Big Lunch at Belfast Harbour.

Well done to all the young people who took the time to enter the competition and who want to do something positive in their communities.

The winners are:

YEAH Project North Belfast

Joe Mc Keating 15
Sean Hamilton 15
Donal Marley 15
Tiernan Mc Fadden 15
Martin Kelly 15

What we will do: 
We have cleared the space with sheer hard work and toil and now we want to build a garden space as an intergenerational meeting point where young and old can grow, eat and learn together. Help us create a beautiful green space to engage the community hub so we can reach out and build relationships through improving residents' access to horticulture, physical and mental wellbeing.

What will we spend the money on:
Barbecue, Firepit, materials to make hammocks, Tools and equipment to improve this space for community events

Unit T Newcastle – co Down

Kate Connolly 8, Matthew Connolly 11,
Blaithin Gribben 13, 
Bridie Gribben 7, 
Caelan McNamara 10,
Neesa McNamara,
Seth Wishart 11,
Annie Elliott 11,
Erin Elliott 12 , 
Laura Caulderwood 13, 
Leah Farnam 14

What we will do
We will provide a range of educational, social, and creative classes for all ages and abilities for the people in Newcastle and surrounding areas to help promote good mental health within the community. We have arranged two Community Big Lunches over June and July based in two local housing estates. We aim to enhance the quality of life for all residents living in these estates through holding a Big Lunch to help address issues of community cohesion, low self-esteem, social exclusion and loneliness. We have contacted local groups to come along and get involved.

We will also be working with local youth groups at outdoor locations throughout the area to provide creative classes, beach clean-up events, a teenage market , cookery school for younger kids as well as outdoor fun days throughout the summer.

What we will spend the money on:
A marquee, a crepe machine and craft stock & pens and will reuse them at several locations and events though out the next year. 

Londonderry YMCA

Reece Mc Donald (15)
Shelly Mc Farland(15) 
Reese Duddy(14) 
Megan Cooke(16) 
Holly Olphert(15), 
Jack McGough(15) 
Lauren Kee(14)
Mia Heatherington(13) 
David McElhinney(16), 
Sara Mc Elhinney(15)
Kerry Hetherington(13), 
Mollie-Jo Griffin(11)

What we will do:
Our summer fun day has been really good but we think we could get more young people and groups from Drumahoe involved . This year we want to host a bigger and better summer garden party and invite the different community and sports groups in the area to take part. We want to get as many groups as possible to take part and they will each get their own stall or game to run during the fun day.

We would love to be able to provide the food ourselves through use of a barbeque as we think this is a really important part of any summer party. We have been looking at new inclusive games to introduce as part of the fun day and feel the new age kurling game set would be good for all age groups and abilities. Having this set would allow us to have an activity which we will have, and be able to use every year as a competition. A summer garden party would be a great way to bring the community together, increasing community spirit and strengthening the YMCA as a place where the community can come together and it will help promote our youth programme and encourage new members to join.

In June we will be having an end of year celebration for the end of the normal Youth club programme tying in with The Big Lunch and inviting local people and groups in the community to come and see the plans for our Summer Garden party. The groups will get the opportunity to see what we have planned, ask any questions and register their interest. As each group will be tasked with running their own stall we will be able to provide suggestions to the groups at this time giving them ideas of what they could do. We want to engage with the community we are a part of and make connections with groups. We hope that the summer garden party will become an annual success.

What we will spend the money on: 
Gas BBQ and New Age Kurling game

Downpatrick Venture Scouts

Mary Louise Rooney (18)

What we will do:
Since our intergenerational big lunch at our den after Christmas we have built relationships with 5 nursing homes and a local Fold community, having held 2 lunches, a horticulture event and two relaxation sound therapy events for pensioners in the last 5 months; holding 3 events in April alone to celebrate and support linking generations NI #allagesapril. We would like your help in taking our show on the road scouting style to elderly people who were unable to travel to us and other vulnerable or isolated groups in our community such as the homeless and disadvantaged families, showing that scouts are for anyone and helping us to build more relationships with individuals and groups bringing scouting spirit fully into the community.

What will we spend the money on:
Community bell tent

Second prize

Re-imaging Project and Picnic at The Subway CRUN Coleraine

Dylan McGroarty-18,
Dylan Swanson-18,
Ryan Swanson-15

What we will do:
We are a group of young people based in the Causeway area who are organising a re-imaging project (design and delivery) on the subway in Christie Park in partnership with CRUN (Causeway Rural and Urban Network). We believe this project would help revitalise the subway, which is currently run down, grotty and vandalised. We want to make it a safer, friendlier community space for all.

What will we spend the money on:
Reusable materials to make the space more welcoming.

Hammers youth club Belfast
Morgan Preshaw ,
Becky Watson
lewis Speer

What we will do:
We provide a safe space for our 360 members from the Shankill and beyond. We will open up our club to host community events and will make use of the money to support this by buying a speaker or a BBQ.

What will we spend the money on:
A BBQ or speaker for outdoor community events & fundraisers


Lisburn, The Resurgam Trust
Hillhall Regeneration Group

Nathan Milliken aged 17
Julieann Blair aged 17
Victoria Lindsay aged 18
Brooke Moorehead aged 15
Megan aged 18
Bradley aged 15
Lee Rush aged 15 

What we will do:
In the last ten years, our community has seen a lot of families from different countries and backgrounds move into the area and with people working and leading busy lives there is little time for interaction and relationship building. Our project would like to organise a community sports day to bring all the community together to promote inclusion and by participating in a healthy activity. If we are successful with this application we feel the equipment purchased will enable us to host a sporting event to incorporate all elements of the community and bridge the intergenerational that has been created in some elements of the media. Sport is an excellent way of breaking down barriers whether that may be language or ethnicity and by host this event we will look to rejuvenate community spirit and welcoming our neighbours to take part in some traditional and Olympic style events which will look to accentuate the ethos of participation, acceptance and understanding.

What will we spend the money on:
The money will buy sports equipment to be used in the community.

Arvalee School: Special school Omagh & Row The Erne Enniskillen

Iain Walker;
Aoibheann Meenagh;
Chloe Clyde;
Dearbhla Brogan;
Shannon Kelly;

What we will do:
The young people at Arvalee School: Special school Omagh would like to take an expedition up lough Erne to learn more about their natural landscape to share knowledge in their community, and they are hoping to win money to buy equipment to enable other local community groups to access the water with Row the Erne. 

What we will spend the money on:
Buoyancy aids so that more local schools, youth groups and people with special needs can get access to the menapian currach a boat built by the community for the community. All equipment will be kept by Row the Erne to support more people to access the currach and row with their community more easily.

Fighting Words Belfast
Holly Mhande (8)
Angel Mhande (9)
Alex Dubne (8)
Jona Sims (11)
Noah Sims (8)

What we will do:
Write Clubbers Big Tea Party in Skainos Square to tell the local community all about Write Club and invite other children to join. The event would take place one afternoon in June 2017. We will have juice, tea, coffee and buns to share, and story-based activities for everyone to take part in. Some ideas that Write Clubbers have come up with include: ‘What’s you’re favourite story?’ board, Book Swap table, Portraits drawn by Write Clubbers, Edible stories – writing short stories or poems on edible paper to take home, Bunting-making with newspapers as decorations

What will we spend the money on:
Chairs for this and future events

We are now delighted to showcase the winners whose communities will receive a long term benefit from the prizes they have won!
Visit Belfast Harbour's blog to see the videos.