Join in - Get your community walking!

Whether you go for a stroll with a neighbour, a tour with your town - or anything in between, make sure you get behind The Big Walk 2018!

We all know that getting out and about in the fresh air is good for our health, but it can be good for the health of our communities too. This May, four teams of walkers are setting off on an epic journey across the UK for The Big Walk, connecting people and communities as they go. The Big Walk a great excuse to bring people together, make new connections and maybe even discover something new about your local area - a secret path, a bit of local history or perhaps a kindred spirit in a neighbour you've never had the opportunity to get to know. 

You might also discover some of the amazing projects, groups, and events that are making a difference in communities across the UK. Behind the scenes, there are passionate people making things happen where they live, and by getting out and about in your community this May you may well just stumble across some of these inspiring people. 

The walkers of The Big Walk 2018 at the Eden Project. From l-r: Steve Barnabis, Jude Boutle, Katherine Horsham, Michael Conlon, and Angus McLeod.

How to get involved:

Organise a 'mini Big Walk'

  1. Invite some walkers: getting outdoors is better together, so pop round to your neighbours, or invite your local community group to join in on a walk. 
  2. Decide on a route: this could be around the block, along a nearby canal or river path, or perhaps a local scenic route. Check out the Ramblers' handy route-finding tool to help you decide where to walk. 
  3. Share the journey: take a pic of your walk and share on social media using #TheBigWalk - our walkers would love the support! 

Arrange a memory walk 

A memory walk is a powerful way to get people thinking about the area in a different way and learn more about where you live.  Feel free to make it your own: it doesn't have to be just about older members of the community sharing history with the younger.  We all have stories to tell about where we live, so get creative and see what you can share.  Organise a memory walk.  

All aboard the walking bus

Make the school run more fun with a walking bus! This idea gets different parts of the community working together and is a way to incorporate walking and getting outdoors into your everyday life. Organise a walking bus. 

No matter how you're getting involved, make sure to share your journey online using #TheBigWalk.