Strengthening communities at The Big Lunch

Woodcraft Folk Groups, Falkirk at The Big Lunch

Woodcraft Folk Groups in Falkirk at The Big Lunch

The town of Falkirk is home to the Kelpies, the Falkirk wheel – and the Woodcraft Folk Group, who meet weekly as a group to play games, sing, take part in drama, discussions, projects and crafts, and perhaps most importantly, to learn about local and global issues in a fun, entertaining way. Woodcraft Folk was founded in 1925 and the Falkirk Central group started in 2015. Now a registered charity across the UK, the Falkirk group is one of many who this year thought the time was perfect to organise their own Big Lunch!

"Some of the groups are quite new so, before this, a lot of us have only ever seen each other on zoom!"

Dani Lisney, one of the event organisers talks about how this event is particularly important this year with Covid restrictions impacting on the social aspect of day-to-day community life for residents; “Our Big Lunch will be for all the local members (adults as well as the children) to get together. We would usually try to have a district event every term, but obviously that hasn't happened for the past year. Some of the groups are quite new so a lot of us have only ever seen each other on zoom! We just felt like this was a really nice way for everyone to spend some time together - food is always popular at our groups!”


Speaking of the events’ success, it definitely seems like a Big Lunch will become an annual tradition for the charity - “It was a lovely afternoon. It's been so long since we've been able to do something like that. It really strengthens the group when we have opportunities for the adult volunteers to just hang out together rather than being focused on running the group!” said Dani.


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