Lift your spirits with The Big Lunch

Kate Smith Ingham shares her Big Lunch experience and how it made such a postive impact in her workplace. 

When we said we were holding a Big Lunch, staff were delighted. The take up was great, not just at head office, but our regional offices took part as well – everyone loved it!

At Pickerings Lifts, our history dates back over 160 years with experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of lifts, escalators, loading systems and mobility equipment. We have 12 regional offices across the UK with 170 employees.

The Big Lunch

A member of staff had previously held a Big Lunch in their home community and we thought, 'what a brilliant idea – we should do it here'. Marketing and HR wanted to come together and do something for the staff, we wanted to bring together teams that may not always interact and The Big Lunch was the perfect way to do this.

From engineers to office staff, different departments came along, it was a great opportunity to bring people together who don’t have the opportunity to mingle on a day to day basis. We said, 'Lift your spirits with The Big Lunch!'

We helped get the ball rolling and sent food hampers to our regional offices, but everyone brought food to share; some people baked and brought cakes. 

Paul Brooks, Managing Director of Pickerings Lifts said: “We’re delighted that The Big Lunch was such a success across the country; it was a great opportunity for all our staff to get together and enjoy a relaxed lunch break.”


The feedback from staff was amazing! People said that they enjoyed the opportunity to have a relaxed lunch. Sometimes, we can eat a rushed sandwich at a desk and not interact, the opportunity to get out there and say hello is lovely – plus sharing food is always great. 

We hoped it would be successful, but we were really delighted with how successful it was. We will absolutely do it next year too – we’ve had such great feedback.

Join people like Kate next year and bring a little joy to your team with The Big Lunch, 5-6 June 2021. Here are some resources specifically for workplaces.