Celebrating 10 years of The Big Lunch

Lynne’s street in Leeds have been holding street parties in their shared garden since 2000. When The Big Lunch started in 2009, they decided to incorporate it into their festivities.

The Big Lunch is just a fantastic opportunity for us all to get together. In the winter we don’t get to speak to everyone each day, so when the summer comes along, it’s just perfect.

Celebrating special moments

10 years ago, during their first Big Lunch, Lynne and her neighbours realised that there were a lot of significant birthdays and anniversaries that year. She said “We realised back in 2009, that by 2019, there would be a 10th, 21st, 50th, two 60th, 70th, 75th, 90th Birthdays, as well as a 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. Not only was it remarkable that all these dates came together, but it’s brilliant that we all made it!”

Lynne’s street now have their Big Lunch celebrations down to a fine art. She said “We keep it simple, everyone brings chairs and tables. At 1pm we all come out and share food and drinks”. This year, the tried and tested formula was used again, and even with the rain, Lynne and her neighbours were prepared. She said “We had our marquees up ready to go, after all, it wouldn’t be British Summer time without a spot of rain!”

The Big Lunch can be a piece of cake

To celebrate the anniversaries and birthdays, one of our neighbours who is a fantastic chef baked a cake modelled on the street. The detail was just beautiful – he even got all the steps and chimneys correct!.

“As our Big Lunch is held in a shared garden, we have to get along, so everyone coming together fosters a better feeling amongst the neighbours!” “It’s not much work if everyone comes together, you’re cooking what you’d normally cook, but you’re sharing – it’s an easy way to be neighbourly. Nobody has to go above and beyond.”

Join people like Lynne this year and bring a little joy to your neighbourhood with The Big Lunch, 2-5 June 2022.