Commonwealth Big Lunches - FAQ


Why are you linking with the Commonwealth this year?

The Big Lunch is all about bringing people together and making connections.  In 2018, the UK will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).  The summit will see leaders from across 53 Commonwealth countries come together to address shared global challenges and discuss how together, we can create a better future for all our citizens.  We've been invited to work with the Commonwealth Summit Unit to bring people together to celebrate our connections.

What are Commonwealth Big Lunches?

Commonwealth Big Lunches are part of the official celebrations leading up to the summit, from Commonwealth Day on 12 March until 22 April. We're encouraging everyone to celebrate being part of the Commonwealth by hosting a Commonwealth Big Lunch with their neighbours or community wherever they live. It is simply about sharing food, friendship and fun, and joining in with celebrations that will be taking place right across the globe.

When should Commonwealth Big Lunches happen?

The main Commonwealth Big Lunches are from 12 March until 22 April.  Hosting a Commonwealth Big Lunch during this time is an easy way to be a part of the celebrations across the 53 member nations, but you can hold a Commonwealth Big Lunch on any date that suits you and your community. 

Can I hold a Commonwealth Big Lunch and take part in The Big Lunch in June as well?

Of course! The most important thing is bringing people together, so we're encouraging participation in both activities.  Think of the Commonwealth Big Lunches as the starter before getting ready for the main course Big Lunch in June! 

The dates for Commonwealth Big Lunches don’t suit, can I still take part?

Absolutely! If the Commonwealth Big Lunch dates don't suit you or your community, you can hold your Lunch on another date, and if you are already planning a Big Lunch for June 2018, you could simply theme it around the Commonwealth. Many people hold Big Lunches throughout the year, or at different times of the day. The Lunar Lunch is a great way to bring your community together after nightfall if a day time get together won’t work for you or your neighbours.

Do you want to see photographs of our Commonwealth Big Lunch?

Yes we do! Please take lots of pics and tweet with #CommonwealthBigLunch or email to, we love seeing people coming together and making new connections, and we might also be able to feature your lunch in a special project - watch this space.