25 January 2022

We’ve been looking for some inspiration for the Platinum Pudding competition, so we asked our Big Lunchers what their favourite pudding to bring to a Big Lunch is. Here’s what they said...

Nureen Glaves from Shepherds Bush says, “My star pudding is my pandan and coconut cake- it is one of the best cakes I have ever made. It's gluten and dairy free and you can replace the egg to make it vegan! It has my favourite flavours, pandan and coconut, which remind me of Jamaica and East Asia. Island vibes with extra deliciousness, yummy!”

Eugenie Aroutcheff from Rutherglen: “Cranachan is a beautifully rich, creamy simple pudding for all. It hardly needs any cooking other than the oats and can be eaten for all occasions. I love it for its simplicity and to me is so Scottish with the oats, whisky, and the raspberries when in season are just the best I have ever tasted. You can serve the pudding with shortbread too. I think this pudding would be a great symbolic way to represent Scotland.”

Emma Parsons-Reid from Cardiff:The star pudding at my Big Jubilee Lunch has got to be a trifle. It’s the one thing I can make and it’s very royal – there’s so many layers just like there are layers to the royal family.”

Ian Woods from Norwich: “Puddings – the staff of life! Definitely there will be a Victoria sponge, sherry trifle and butterfly buns at our Big Jubilee Lunch. We hope for great things from our Italian and Filipino neighbours too.... so who knows what sweet treats we will be introduced to!”

Charlie Whewell from Northampton: “As a centrepiece of my perfect Jubilee spread, there would be a large strawberry pavlova, smothered in cream and heaps of fruit. My mother-in-law made one with my boys recently, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted!”

Do you want to join in with the Platinum Pudding Competition? The deadline for entries is 4 February, so grab your whisk and get out your scales - it's time to get baking!

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