Be Kind

When everyone is dealing with so much, finding ways to be kind to each other makes things a lot easier. It also builds connections between us so we can all support each other. Being kind isn't about being a hero - it's about doing little things to help us all get through.

  • Wave and say hello! A smile can make a big difference
  • Whether it's dropping by or waving in the street, say hello to your neighbours
  • Send Christmas Cards to your neighbours -  this is a great way to introduce yourself and get to know each other. For someone feeling lonely this winter, it could mean an awful lot.
  • Put up a community noticeboard, or start a WhatsApp Group for your street or block of flats to keep in touch
  • Getting frosty outside? Salt the pavement in front of your house - it helps the snow melt faster and people stay on their feet!
  • Share your leftovers with your friends and neighbours - or maybe bake some goodies to share with them!
  • Dark nights are a great opportunity to light up people's faces! Put lights in the window, or some festive decorations. What about paper chains, or a teddy bear with a woolly hat on?
  • There are still people struggling with access to food, medicine or company. Pop a note through your neighbours doors to let them know you’re happy to help.
  • If you've got the time to volunteer proactively, contact your local Covid Mutual Aid Group, – links to Mutual Aid Groups are available hereor your local Nextdoor Group to offer help to neighbours. 
  • The Scottish Government have advice on how to offer practical help and keep safe