“The future is ours to invent. Let’s create a world we want to live in.” Dr Tony Kendle, Eden Project

We aim to improve the happiness and wellbeing of people across the UK by bringing communities together and inspiring them to make positive changes where they live. 

As part of the Eden Project, we're exploring how people can work with each other, and with nature, towards a better future.

We believe that connected communities are more resilient against local and global issues and are better equipped to tackle challenges and bring about positive change. Find out how we're achieving exactly that. 

The Big Lunch

We started with a very simple idea from the Eden Project. What if, on one day a year, people came together with their communities and shared a meal?

And so, in 2009, The Big Lunch was born. It’s the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours and its grown ten-fold since then, each year getting bigger and better as millions of people take to their streets, gardens and neighbourhoods to join in for a few hours of community, friendship, and fun.

The Big Lunch connects people and encourages friendlier, safer neighbourhoods where people start to share more – from conversations and ideas, to skills and resources, and, for some, it ignites a passion for doing more good things where they live. It's the first weekend in June each year, pop it in your diary and find out more.

Community Camps

At Community Camps, we support and encourage people to create positive change where they live, and through our community network our team support over 1,500 people who are delivering community-led projects across the UK.

The Network

Across the UK, people are coming together to encourage positive changes in their communities.

Whether you run a community project, or you've just got an idea you want to take forward, you can join our network and connect with like-minded folk who can help you achieve your community goals.

Community Action Response

The Community Action Response is led by a group of organisations from different sectors with the joint aim to encourage everyone to do what they can to support their communities, and particularly vulnerable and isolated people, during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

It was created because of the unprecedented challenge that Covid-19 presents for people in every neighbourhood in the UK. Together, we are calling for everyone to take steps that will help communities cope through the worst of this virus. Find out more about this initative, our partners, and our resources, here!

We are inspired by the belief that people are capable of changing things for the better, and through creating Eden we’ve learnt what ingenuity, resourcefulness, hope, and determination can do.

The challenges our society and planet face will demand the best from all of us and the ability to work together. Through small and simple actions like The Big Lunch, people are transforming the places they live and strengthening their communities: ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

So with that, save the date and start planning for your Big Lunch