How to create temporary street art

How to create temporary street art

A little boy drawing in chalk on the pavement.
Chalk drawings and painted murals are a great way for people of all ages to get together and temporarily brighten up your street for a party. All you need is a bit of imagination....

Chalk drawing

Just grab a few boxes of coloured chalk and round up some willing have-a-go artists in order to decorate your pavement. If you're hosting a Big Lunch on your street, why not have a competition and hand out prizes to the best community artists?

Outdoor painting

So how do you get to paint your street without getting prosecuted for criminal damage? The top tip is not to use normal paint, but to use food colouring so you can wash it away afterwards.

You need a stretch of paving or wall to get started — a driveway or garden patio is perfect. You’ll also need some brushes or, if you fancy getting really messy, you can use your hands and feet too. We’ve also enjoyed making prints from leaves, wheels, twigs, plant pots and other items found in the garden.

To make the paint:

​Start mixing

Use an old container to mix ¼ C of water with ¼ C of cornflour.

Get stirring

Stir until well mixed.

Pick a colour

Now add a few drops of food colouring. Be careful with how much food colouring you use — too much could leave faint stains on the surfaces.


Once mixed, start painting.

That’s it! As soon as you’re ready to clean up, simply use water and a brush to wash away the paint.