Carole Wright - Team England

Carole Wright is a project manager, community gardener, beekeeper, and proud South Londoner from Brixton. Now living in Southwark, Carole dedicates herself to improving the community she lives within. She said, “My family instilled in me the motto ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. I've carried that ethos throughout my whole adult life.”

As a passionate and talented gardener, Carole currently manages two community gardens across South London. From housing estates to church gardens, Carole works with primary and secondary schools pupils, and housing estates residents with the support of housing managers, church users groups and local councillors.

For Carole, it’s about so much more than gardening. She said “I think that nature & community go hand in hand. “Community gardening and getting people in to Nature has been a part of my life for the past 14 years. Even if they just bring people together for a chat”. Carole’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either. She has won two awards for her tireless community work, from The Southbank Centre and The Peabody Trust.

As well as talent for tomatoes, a mastery of fruiting hedges and a passion for planting orchards, Carole is also a keen beekeeper. Now with over ten years’ experience as an Apiarist she said “I got into beekeeping through my community gardening, and haven’t looked back since. I love ‘The Girls’, as I call the colonies even the male ones, because they help open conversations with the people in my area.”

For Carole, the importance of leaving a lasting legacy within her community is key. She said “We’ve lost our local corner shop to the big supermarkets. Houses and flats have been bought up, but sit empty – it’s just not right. This is my community and I want to do something about it!” Through her community garden programmes, Carole hopes to unite the community and bring back a sense of neighbourhood spirit back to SE1! She said, “You won’t find kinder people than South Londoners. We need to come together and celebrate where we live”.

This year, Carole will be joining a team of other carefully chosen community advocates to join The Big Lunch community walk 2019. She wants to show the importance of communication and how it can bring about positive change. She said, “I want promote the simple act of walking and talking as a point of accessibility, which aren’t dependant on social, cultural or financial status in society”.

Thankfully, Carole isn’t just a keen believer in the importance of community spirit, but is also quite the rambler! She said, “I love walking, I always have. I love just following my feet. I get to twin my passion for community with my love for walking – I just can’t wait to get started.”

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