Why it matters

A collection of photos of people enjoying their community.

Have you ever thought about whether you enjoy your community? What part you play in it? Your influence and your impact?

We live in a digital age where we can connect with friends, family and colleagues all over the world in a heartbeat. But what do we know about the people who live right next door to us, or across the street? And what effect might knowing those who are our nearest, if not our dearest, have on us as individuals, on how we feel about where we live, and on society as a whole…? 

The relationships we have where we live and work have a major impact on our health and happiness — people actually live longer if they have more frequent social contact.*

It's not just health that improves as a result. Having lunch with your neighbours, for example, doesn’t sound like the obvious way to tackle crime, reduce loneliness and isolation or quell community tensions. But the people who take part in The Big Lunch tell us they feel less isolated, that they feel safer where they live, and that people from different backgrounds come together and become friends. The experience leads people to do more in their communities, with many people starting new initiatives to benefit their whole community as a result.

We know that connected communities can tackle challenges better when they tackle them together. We support the doers, the mucker inners, the DIYers who make good things happen and take action, no matter how little that action may be, because small steps make a big difference.


My life has changed beyond all recognition since becoming involved.

Get involved in your community with any one of these ideas.