Who we work with

The work we do relies on support from funders and supporters who help us to reach people and support them in doing good things. We'd like to say thank you for all the support we receive and if you would like to become a supporter, sponsor or help by funding some of the work we do, please email communities@edenproject.com to get in touch.

Our funder

The Big Lottery Fund provides the funding to make the work we do possible. This funding goes into The Big Lunch, our Community Camp events, piloting new projects and ideas, and creating lovely resources.

The Big Lottery Fund is therefore delighted to invest funding that supports individuals who want to make a positive change in their communities. The Big Lunch and initiatives like Community Camps at Eden inspire and support people to tackle issues that are important to them. These will strengthen neighbourhood networks, create a greater sense of community cohesion, and improve the lives of communities across the UK. Bringing communities together, reducing loneliness and isolation and helping to make a difference locally is at the heart of the Big Lottery Fund’s mission.

Peter Ainsworth who chairs the Fund explains, 'So many people have been energised by The Big Lunch, so it is great to build on the enthusiasm in local communities and help local people to develop new skills which will bring communities together throughout the year.' 

The Big Lottery Fund is responsible for distributing 40% of all funds raised for good causes by the National Lottery. This totals around £600 million each year.

Our partners

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 logo
The Commonwealth is a diverse community of 52 nations that work together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace.

In April 2018, the UK will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting where leaders from across the Commonwealth will gather in London and Windsor.

With the theme of 'Towards a Common Future' they will work to create a more prosperous, secure, sustainable and fair future for the Commonwealth's 2.4 billion citizens, particularly its young people.

Limelight logo.


Limelight are the agency of the active world. They work with global brands to bring active experiences to people around the globe, creating real-life and online communities where participants can connect and share those experiences. Limelight bring campaigns to life by combining project management, marketing, technology and event experience solutions. We're so glad they're on board for our Great Big Walk! 

Our supporters

Emmaus logo.

Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference. They don’t just give people a bed for the night; they offer a home, meaningful work and a sense of belonging.

Action for Happiness logo

Action for Happiness is a movement of people dedicated to building a happier society, which is exactly what we want to happen. Read more about how The Big Lunch can make communities happier.

Grow Wild logo white background

Grow Wild believe that together we can transform where we live and that sowing native wild flowers can make a difference - bringing neighbourhoods together, connecting people to nature and boosting our wellbeing. We agree!

 Department for Communities and Local Government logo

In 2012 and 2013 we worked with DCLG who provided funding to help us engage new areas across England where there was no Big Lunch activity.  DCLG continue to support us today and have released updated guidance on organising a street party, encouraging communities to get together and celebrate.

The Community Resources Network Scotland (CRNS) logo

The Community Resources Network Scotland (CRNS) represents recycling and re-use organisations across Scotland and they support us in helping to create sustainable communities. 

Age UK logo

By 2020 one third of the UK’s population will be over 60 and Age UK works tirelessly to ensure this segment of society is not overlooked. We work together to ensure that what we do is as inclusive to older people as possible.

NCVO logo

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) champions the voluntary sector and volunteering. Their vision is a society where we can all make a difference to the causes that we believe in.

PTA UK logo

PTA-UK has been a strong supporter of The Big Lunch for a number of years now and encourages schools and PTAs to get involved each year — thank you for your support!

Nextdoor logo

Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbours and your community. Like us, Nextdoor believe that the neighbourhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person's life.  Their hope is that neighbours everywhere will use the Nextdoor platform to build stronger and safer neighbourhoods around the world – sounds like a mighty fine idea to us!

tpas support over 200 Housing Associations, Local Authorities, resident groups and contractors covering over 2.2 million homes. That’s a whole lot of community!

The Challenge is the UK's leading charity for building a more integrated society, a society in which there is understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences. Sounds like a really good idea to us!

We join Community Christmas in believing that no person in the UK should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be. Community Christmas encourages people to make sure everyone has company.

Crowdfunder Logo

The Uk’s #1 crowdfunding website, where ideas happen. With crowdfunding you can use the power of a crowd of people to help you raise funds to get your project or idea started.


Fun Palaces Logo

Fun Palaces is a campaign for culture at the heart of communities - and an invitation to have a Fun Palace in your community to encourage everyone to get stuck into art and science . We love the idea!

Rotary Logo

Rotary is all about communities: big, little, urban, rural, wherever they may be. Contact your local club and be prepared for a warm welcome and get ready to help out with great stuff that’s going on near you.

Neighbourhood Watch logo.

Neighbourhood Watch believes everyone has the right to feel safe where they live and promotes that right by helping build strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.

Interfaith Logo

The Inter Faith Network for the UK works with its 200 member bodies to promote inter faith understanding and cooperation in the UK.

Streetbank Logo

Streetbank is an online site that helps you share things with your neighbours – anything from a cup of sugar to an offer of cutting the hedges! It was set up with the idea that communities that help each other are closer, nicer, and friendlier to live in.

Supporting Communities Northern Ireland Logo

Supporting Communities champions tenant and community participation by developing groups, supporting active citizenship and building cohesive communities. 

Power To Change Logo

Power to Change is an independent charitable trust set up to support community businesses to create better places across England. Thanks to funding from them, we provide events and resources to support people starting out and developing Community Business ideas to help make them a reality.

Sustrans Logo

Sustrans makes smarter travel choices possible, desirable and inevitable. They also work to give children the freedom and confidence to play outdoors - which we think is just great!

Volunteer Now Logo

Volunteer Now works to connect with individuals and organisations to build healthy communities and create positive change in Northern Ireland.