What's happening in October?

1–31 October

Do you love to draw, or think you can't? The Big Draw Festival is your opportunity to join a global community in celebrating the universal language of drawing. So get a pencil in hand and join in some experimental drawing activities in your area!

Thursday 1 October - 10:30-12:00

In this workshop we will explore how community food sharing projects have adapted to the new challenges we are experiencing due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Together with Marsha Smith – scholar and activist specializing in understanding the value of social eating initiatives that use surplus food - we will look at future risks but also opportunities for social eating projects and hear from each other on how we can continue to grow the community-building power of sharing food.

5 October

From small things to big things, make someone's day by doing something nice: compliment a busy shop assistant or buy someone a coffee. You're guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Photo of Fun Palace illustration

3–4 October

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign supporting culture at the heart of every community, with an annual weekend of arts and science action created by, for and with local people

10 October 

A day to think about mental health and how you could mobilise others to do the same.

Tuesday 6 October - 19:30-21:00
We all know that getting outside is good for us, but how can nature connection support our wider community wellbeing? And what links does nature connection have to community activism?

Thursday 8 October, 15-16.30

Join the second in our series of conversations with Adam Murray from RSPB as we delve deeper into ways to inspire people to take meaningful #ActionsForNature.


Friday 16 October - 12.30-13.30

Join Tracey Robbins and Grainne McCloskey Eden project Communities with special Guest Ann Ward from Food for Life Get Togethers Community to enjoy a nourishing lunch together growing useful connections. Ann Regional Engagement Officer for NI Food for Life Get Togethers, Eden Project network member and Meditation Coach & Forest Therapy Practitioner with Xhale.

Friday 16 October - 15:00-16:00
Join us for a conversation on all things foraged with Pete Fillery; Incredible Edible community gardener & foraging enthusiast. Pete works with Resurgence & The Ecologist, and as a forest school advocate he believes connecting and learning about our local environment is essential.
Friday 16 October 2020 - 18:00-19:00
This will be a cocktail of good conversation and a little light hearted competition.
Monday 19 October - 11:00-12:00
In this session, hosted by Liz Weir - Irish Storyteller, we revisit our conversation "Earned wisdom and reminiscence value, to look more closely at the issues we face this winter keeping older people connected and what is happening in our various communities.

20 October - 1 November

Decorate and leave autumn leaves as treasure for people to find when they’re out and about. Little Bird SOS is an arts and health project based in Leicestershire helping people improve their health and wellbeing though creativity. Join their #LeafBombing campaign to add delight and connection to each other’s lives.

Food For Life Get Togethers have teamed up with Negat Hussain for a World Food Day Cookalong on Friday 16 October.  Joining a virtual Cookalong is a fantastic way for us to try something new and share the experience of cooking together.  The best thing is, you can get involved from home - all you need is an internet connection.  Sign up now and get your communities involved!

Tuesday 27 October - 11am

We are often led to believe that a partnership with a commercial businesses could be the silver bullet to all our financial woes in the community sector. While this may not be the exact truth, there are certainly opportunities for small, voluntary and community organisations to benefit from working with local and larger businesses. This session will use real life examples to help build your confidence to approach local businesses for support and help you to understand the value that you provide to these businesses in return.