What's happening in October?

1–31 October

Do you love to draw, or think you can't? The Big Draw Festival is your opportunity to join a global community in celebrating the universal language of drawing. So get a pencil in hand and join in some experimental drawing activities in your area!

5 October

From small things to big things, make someone's day by doing something nice: compliment a busy shop assistant or buy someone a coffee. You're guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

6–7 October

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign supporting culture at the heart of every community, with an annual weekend of arts and science action created by, for and with local people


Community Business Weekend is a unique opportunity for community businesses across England to demonstrate the positive impact they have on society and tell their stories of success.  If you’re a community business, you can sign up for a pack of advice and goodies to help you stage your event. Here are some additional ways to get involved in supporting your local community businesses.

10 October 

A day to think about mental health and how you could mobilise others to do the same.

Make a Difference Day

27 October

Originally an American tradition, this day encourages volunteering in the community to do something that makes a difference to someone.