What's happening in November?

9–12 November

This will be our final Community Camp for the year. Based at the Eden Project in Cornwall, community camps are for people who want to start a community initiative or take an existing project to the next level. A mix of practical activities, workshops, inspiring speakers and networking opportunities are offered, further information and application details to be confirmed later in the year.

13 November 

A day to overlook boundaries and differences and reach out to others with an act of kindness. According to modern psychology, altruistic acts can increase our own happiness, so why not give it a try?

15 November

For the fifth year running, the Eden Project is taking part in the national Sleep Out to raise awareness and funding for the Amber Foundation and St Petroc's Society who support homeless people.  Events will be taking place in 14 locations around the country with approx. 2000 people participating. Our home in Cornwall at the Eden Project will be hosting a sleepout between the magnificent biomes.

16 November

The International Day for Tolerance stands for living together peacefully no matter of which cultural or religious background one is. A great opportunity to get people of different backgrounds in your community together to share stories, histories and traditions.

21 November

Saying hello is just the first step towards being more connected to other people, so World Hello Day challenges you to say hello to ten people in one day! A simple way to connect with others.