What's happening in November?

2 November

Welcome to our Northern Ireland regional virtual meet up, dont forget we are always organising in person events and connecting people so dont stay virtual forever! These sessions are first Wednesday of the month and will help you reach out and make new useful connections with peers.

Find out whats going on outside our own wee worlds and support each other with ideas and solutions to our community needs. Anyone can attend as long as you have a desire to make something happen in community or are already active. 

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Be kind

13 November 

A day to overlook boundaries and differences and reach out to others with an act of kindness. According to modern psychology, altruistic acts can increase our own happiness, so why not give it a try?

Crayon heart

16 November

The International Day for Tolerance stands for living together peacefully no matter of which cultural or religious background one is. A great opportunity to get people of different backgrounds in your community together to share stories, histories and traditions.