What's happening in January?

The idea is simple. Each day in January you’ll be sent a short creative challenge to do. It will only take 5 or 10 minutes to complete, it’s free and any materials you need should be easy to find. The challenge might be writing a poem or drawing a picture, or it might be thinking your way around a problem or going on a mini-adventure. You never know what to expect! Be sure to sign up!

8-14 January

January is the time for resolutions, do something for U for JanUary. Being active doesn’t have to mean running or spending time down the gym. Help out in your local community garden, join a walking club, join Good Gym where you can get your exercise whilst helping others.  

9 January

Meet other people who put on events and experiences for the public, for clients or for audiences in Leeds City Centre.

13 January

Sometimes we know we want change to happen but how we make it happen can feel a daunting prospect. Design thinking or Human Centered design is a creative approach to problem solving. It is a way for people to get tangible by generating ideas, experimenting, and iterating to help others experience a vision of the future for your community.

Anne Schiffer, from Leeds Beckett University and Eden Project Communities are running a free workshop for those who keen to learn how they apply this approach to the community work they do.

21 January

Wow! A day dedicated to hugs! How much better can it get? So find a friend or family member and give them a great big one!

24 January

There are thousands of spoken languages in the world and along with that, lots of different traditions and ways of life. But what connects us all? You got it, laughter! Global Belly Laugh Day will celebrate one of our most natural and universal reflexes on 24 January, so be sure to tune into to your inner comedian and reap the health benefits - not to mention the feel good factor - of laughing! Even better, celebrate the day with friends!

27 January - 3 February

Storytelling is a valuable tool for engaging people through their emotions, values and imaginations. Hold a storytelling session in your local community space so everyone can enjoy the benefits.