What's happening in February?

7 February

Don't just think about your friends, write to them! Whether an ecard, a store bought card or a homemade one, reach out to a friend and make their day.


A young girl with her face painted as a cat laughs with an older lady at The Big Lunch

11 February

The origins of this day are not known, but it's celebrated every year. Take the opportunity to meet someone new by taking a chance and just saying hello to someone in the park, or join an interest group. New friends can open up new horizons and opportunities and are one of life's valuable assets.

Two people talking by a bush.

11–17 February

Celebrate this day in any way you feel! From something small to something large, feel the power of an act of kindness. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation spread the celebrations over a week, from 11-17, so why not try one kind act each day?

25 February – 10 March

Every Fairtrade Fortnight communities across the UK use their creativity, connections and local knowledge to open more doors to Fairtrade. Find out more.

22 February

We’re pleased to invite our community-minded friends in Powys to join another one of our regular network get-togethers. We’ll be meeting in the beautiful town of Crickhowell and will share what is working in our community and chatting about ideas to make where you live even better.

7 February, Ipswich

Come and join us for our first Suffolk Play Streets meet-up to explore how we can create more playful communities across Suffolk and get children back out there playing on our streets. This event is free and everyone is welcome. Grab your free ticket here.

16 February

In this practical workshop we will be exploring why “showing the love” has not only been at the root of some of the most amazing stories of community transformation but also share some of our favourite tried and tested ideas for boosting community spirit, and hope you will to!

15 February

On the 1st and 2nd of June this year, Dundee will be the first city in Scotland to come to a friendly, celebratory halt as neighbours and communities all over the city join in The Big Lunch 2019. This Big Lunch Takeover Task Force is for people and organisations from all backgrounds, interests and walks of life to help make this happen.

Lunch will be provided - please just bring yourself and your enthusiasm to make Dundee the most connected city in Scotland.

13 February

Are you looking to set up, plant or develop a sensory garden in your community?

Join our virtual Exchange Hub and 'meet up' with others interested in turning their park, green space, garden, street or any other outdoor community place into a feast for the senses!

16 February

Have you wondered who is who and where in the Community Project / Charity scene in the Swindon area? Do you know of a number of projects you think should be better connected?

Join us for a mapping meet-up at Baila Cafe & Vinyl - this is an informal event aimed at capturing the various community projects, spaces, cafes, charities that are based in or operate in the Swindon area. The result wlil be part of a publically-editable online map, for anyone to see and edit.

27 and 28 February

Join us for an interactive session where we will play around with Zoom, the free online meeting platform, and learn how to get your head around the benefits and challenges of a virtual get-together from the (dis)comfort of your own home. Email Peter at plefort@edenproject.com for info on how to join in.

The Art of Fun

26 February

Come and enjoy a little lunch and lend a hand to help Grainne prepare The Big Lunch float for the Newry Mourne and Down St Patricks parade. Get in touch with Grainne