What is World Food Day and Food For Life Get Togethers?

What is World Food Day? 

World Food Day is the annual celebration of food all around the world and this year’s World Food Day calls for global solidarity to help the most vulnerable people and communities to recover and make food systems more sustainable, stronger and resilient.

We know that we are at our best when we work together and that future challenges are best met when we face them together. From one off neighbourly meals like the Big Lunch to regular community meals and food projects join us celebrating World Food Day by bringing people together via food.

Why not try a bit of foraging and discover some new local delights on World Food Day. Emma and her daughter will get you started!

What is Food For Life Get Togethers? 

Food for Life brings schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. Find out more about the brilliant work they do and how you can get involved, here