Week 2 - Bringing people with you

Welcome to your second week of Camp!  

Thank you for sharing your stories last week.  It's exciting and exhilarating to hear those words out in the world! This week, we're going to talk about how you can get others excited about what you want to achieve, and bring them with you on that journey.  We're going to explore how you can take your ideas or project even further by connecting with people, building relationships and supporting them to stay engaged.

We'll think about how we can make our activities and networks more inclusive and welcoming to all.  There'll be plenty of opportunities to share your ideas and start to deepen your connections with each other, but there will also be a chance to take some time to reflect on how you can take the next step, whatever stage you're at.

Want to make positive change where you live? Put people at the heart of that change and transform what you do into something unique, something that really reflects your community.  Make yourself a cuppa, find a comfy seat, and we'll begin...