The Big Thanks

The Big Thanks

Share your thanks and spread some neighbourly joy

The community response to Covid-19 has been truly heart-warming, thousands of people from across the UK have been stepping up and looking out for their neighbours and strangers. The Big Thanks campaign gives us the opportunity to say thank you, to get the nation celebrating their communities and spreading joy neighbour to neighbour. 

From brightly decorated windows to cheer people up, to sharing groceries and delivering food parcels and medicines, even the smallest acts of kindness can make the world of difference to people who might be struggling and they allow us to connect with our neighbours.  So, if you have someone you're grateful for, join The Big Thanks, share your appreciation here and be part of something special.

Decorated egg nestled in fresh veg

I'm thanking Fraser Reid who runs Fraser’s Fruit and Veg, in Dundee - he has been really busy with deliveries to help get food to the local community, and so far has raised £400 for local foodbanks.

rainbow egg and flower pot

Claire, Hertfordshire - 'I'm thanking my #GoodEgg neighbour for giving me some flour so I could bake cakes with my children.  Repaying the flour with a flower and a rainbow egg! #TheBigThanks'   

Free range egg

Claire, Cornwall - 'I created this egg-stra special 'free-range' egg to thank all of the delivery drivers out there still working hard #GoodEggs'

Smiley Egg in amongst rainbows

'#BigThanks to Saoirse, my 8 year old neighbour, for being a #GoodEgg.  She's been busy making rainbows for our windows and door steps, bringing smiles to the street in Glenariffe, Co Antrim, N. Ireland.'

Decorated Egg on gas cannister

David, Cornwall - 'I'm thanking the lovely gas people who are still delivering in Cornwall so i've made this #GoodEgg in their honour #TheBigThanks'

chicken egg

Trish, Cornwall - 'I'm thanking my amazing chickens for keeping us well stocked with #GoodEggs so we don't have to go to the shops!'

Decorated egg placed in flowers

Lindsey, Cornwall - 'I think Emma is a #GoodEgg for rallying the whole town to look out for one another during the Covid crisis so no home is left without support, so I popped this egg in her hanging basket for her to find!'

Smiley egg with plate of crumbs

Laragh Lodge Co Antrim Head Chef Adhamh O'Neill is a very #GoodEgg - he delivered home made shortbread treats to his neighbours at Christmas and recently too, to lift the mood in lockdown.

Three eggs in a row

Tracey, Carlisle - 'I'm thanking Sammy, Pam and Annette at the Kings Arms pub who have turned into a hub delivering food to the neighbouring villages.  They have co-ordinating volunteers for each village and moved into the pub so they can be on hand when anybody calls. True #GoodEggs' 

thanking the postie website

I'm sending Big Thanks to my postie for keeping us connected to friends and family - thanks for being a #GoodEgg!

Sarah Communication egg

Sarah, Walthamstow - 'I'm thanking my neighbour Gail for being a #GoodEgg, for supporting the neighbourhood and helping people stay in touch.'

Egg with hair

Thanks to Sharon in London for being a #GoodEgg decorating your window to cheer people up and sharing things with people on the street.

Decorated gg and scone on a plate

Mark - 'I'd like to thank my neighbour #GoodEgg Linda for baking and always sending over some for us - lovely scones this week!'

Purple hand drawn star

Morag, Bowness-on-solway - 'I'd like to thank The Kings Arms pub for providing a hub for the people in Bowness on solway and maintaining a safe community spirit.'

Purple hand drawn star

Lawrence, Ely - 'Incredible friend who continues to look out for me, and for his work as police officer in Cambridge city centre where he continues to work hard to keep us all safe.'

Karen, Exeter - 'I'd like to thank St David’s Community Help, for their fantastic work in supporting the St David’s community in Exeter at this time.'

Purple hand drawn star

Helen, Norwich - ' A few thank yous! Norfolk Veg Box for delivering fruit & veg on a weekly basis, battling against a large increase in customers to get to those & their regulars. The Green Grocer for delivering any goods that they stock in their shop within a couple of days. Royal Mail, DHL, Hermes & all courier services for delivering with a smile, all the items we've ordered online.'

Delivering reports

Emma, Wadebridge - Mary is one of our fabulous team at Luxulyan School. During the school closure, she is organising the childcare for the critical keyworkers, distributing food parcels for Free School Meal families and on her daily walk delivered many of the children’s school reports. She is reading stories for the children and sharing activities to keep our families connected and busy and checking in on the staff to make sure we’re all in good spirits - all whilst home schooling her own family. The whole team at Luxulyan School are fabulous and would whole heartedly agree that Mrs Fox is a good egg.

Harley and the remembrance tree

Toni, Par - ' I would like to thank Harley a very special 10-year-old boy for brightening up our street in this difficult time. With his 'rainbow your street' idea, he has decorated the street with rainbows, posted rainbows to neighbours for them to hang in their windows, and organised an Easter competition for all the children in the street, which they all got a prize for taking part in. He also delivered colouring packs to the children and put up a rememberence tree for people to tie ribbons on in memory of everyone that has lost their lives to Covid-19.'

Purple hand drawn star

Gael, Pudsey - 'I'd like to thank my neighbours Asaf and Waheeda Hussain for all the help, support and kindess they offer people of all ages in the community. They are role models to others. They go over and above anything that others could do.  They are kind, considerate, polite.  A pleasure to be around.  They also do an awesome curry that they share with others.' 

Purple hand drawn star

Cynthia - 'Portscatho Stores, Andy Day Butcher Portscatho and Roseland Together for their efficient deliveries. Roseland Together have ketpt  vulnerable people fed with a daily 3 course meal, and have been looking to help in any way possible, including financially.'

Karen, Devon - 'Heartfelt thanks to The Silverton Community Angels, Silverton, Devon for all your work going above and beyond to help out the vulnerable members of our community!'

Good eggs for key workers

Kayleigh, Paige and Willow, Morley - 'Thank you to our keyworkers for keeping everything going. You're awesome xx'

Emma, Leeds - ' Thank you to my manager for being there and listening to me when it was hard. Your support hasn't gone unnoticed x'


Celia, Disbury - ' Thank you to my ‘Intake Girls’ friends for being there for each other - for making me laugh, providing support, someone to talk to and being the best friends a girl could as for!'

Purple hand drawn star

Aiden, Bude - ' Thank you to NHS staff, all the care staff, delivery people and helpers everywhere. All the time, effort and great work they are doing! I have especially recorded a song for the NHS, here.'


Mo - ' BigThanks to my two lockdown GoodEgg homeslices' 


Susan - 'Thank you all so much to the bin collection teams everywhere!' 


Stephanie -  'For all the GoodEggs that are helping me through this Covid-19 isolation' 


Peter - 'My super sister Kathie manages two hospitals and still has time to leave piping hot crumble on our doorstep' 


Maria - 'There's more to a back passage in Saitaire than meets the eye. A gladdening greeting from an upstairs window this morning. Thank you, neighbour' 


A - 'My GoodEgg nominations are to all the neighbours who are phoning, knocking on doors and generally keeping their older neighbours, friends and family on their radar. To all the volunteers who are key workers during this time.'  

Purple star

Antoinette - 'Deirdre Always has a listening hear and a helping hand, connecting and contacting those she supports and those around her - she is a ray of sunshine and has been as busy as a bee also making masks for her local hospital #GoodEgg'

Kath - 'I'd like to thank Tracey for giving away lots of cactus and succulent plants she'd grown to the neighbours. She left the plants on a table at the end of the drive so they could collect them when passing.'

Jan - ' Thank you to Lundin Links Community! We are certainly ‘feeling the love’ from our shopkeepers, friends and neighbours as we’ve been self isolating since 12 March. Groceries delivered by Zaph and Judy, meds delivered by Gavin from the pharmacy, soup from Rachael Brown made for M’Lady, bread baked by Caroline Trotter and delivered by Fiona Sneddon, weighted blanket on loan from Elanne Knowles, shopping brought to us by Jenny Haddow, Pip Coutts-Wood and Rachael, dinner delivered by Lily’s Larder. Masks made and delivered to us by Derek’s wife, Fedi. We are SO grateful for all your help. Thank you.' 

Purple hand drawn star

Linsey - 'Thank you Gill for all the uplifting messages you send to Rosie, Tanita and myself. You are a truly amazing and kind lady xxx' 

Purple hand drawn star

Calin - 'I'd like to thank my mum and my sister and my nan and my friends. 

Letting me know that it will pass and always checking up on me, when times are dark. My two friends who always been looking out for me when times are in a difficult situation circumstances, Always reassuring and always there when need of a chat.'

Jude - 'I'd like to thank all the Llandrindod Wells posties for delivering day after day, always with a smile even When it’s raining. They are all working so hard for us so i8d love them to know i for one appreciate their cheery faces.'

Dawn- 'I'd like to thank Martine and Chris. Under lockdown, my mother was seriously ill and whilst a long trip we had to make an essential journey to put care and support arrangements in place. We have two dogs, kennels are not open. Martine and Chris looked after the pups all day, feeding, walking and checking they were ok. As rescue dogs they get anxious. Made a difficult trip, doable and they went above and beyond. Just the best neighbours.'

Purple hand drawn star

Ruth - I'd like to thank Seasalt, Cornwall for lots of art activities by email, which I’ve used for ‘craft with Grandma’ on Zoom, yummy recipes, a book club, donating fabric for scrubs, a beautiful soundscape of a walk in the Scilly Isles, free art tutorials, discount for key workers and 2000 gift bags for staff at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Amazing work!'

Purple hand drawn star

Varol - 'I'd like to thank all our neighbours for their concern for my wife's well being.'

Purple hand drawn star

Karen - 'Thank you to my daughters and niece for keeping me up beat with your photos and FaceTime as I gives me the will to keep going.'

Purple hand drawn star

Liliana - 'Thank you to my lovely neighbour Enid for always helping us with whatever we need without ever asking for anything in return. Thank you for being you and for putting up with us this long.'

Purple hand drawn star

Rosemary - 'To Epping Rotary Club and UBER, for their donation of Scrubs to St Margaret's Epping and free rides for sometime and later 25% discount for NHS workers.'

Purple hand drawn star

Paul - 'I'm thanking Nerijus. He has been doing our garden for us and has mended a fence too. He refuses point blank to accept any payment. He just likes helping people.' 

Purple hand drawn star

Richard - 'Thank you to Abigail for volunteering in East Finchley and helping the homeless in London.'

Purple hand drawn star

Helen - 'I'm thanking a Facebook group called "Provide Sunday Lunches to Local Residents to Scunthorpe". The organisation is full of volunteers supporting meals delivered to elderly and isolated residents in Scunthorpe and Surrounding areas.

Purple hand drawn star

Esther - 'Thank you to Rox Meat Market. Every time my husband has gone into hospital, which is a lot lately they make sure I'm ok and ask if I need any help too.'

Purple hand drawn star

Barbara - 'I'd like to thank my neighbours on both sides for sharing Sunday lunches with me.'