Supporting each other

As you know, we love coming together with community-minded people - being part of the Network means being part of something bigger, a place where we can support each other and feel supported, a place to share advice and ideas, learn new things and make connections.  

These connections help to build bonds of support during difficult times, just like the ones we are facing right now.

Those of us who are supporting our communities will be facing many challenges, tough decisions and disappointment at the moment – it feels like a real balancing act keeping people healthy and safe while making sure everyone feels connected, and balancing running our projects to support others while looking after ourselves and our families.

Having to think even more creatively and act fast is taking a huge amount of energy and you can often be left wondering if you’ve done enough.

We’ve always been a network that comes together in community spaces, at local projects and in village halls.  In this temporary era of physical distancing, how can we continue to face challenges together and increase our own resilience?

While our face to face network events will need to be put on hold temporarily, it is so important to keep all of us supporters together and the spirit going during this time of potentially stressful isolation. 

So far we’ve planned a regular slot for a series of online meet-ups in the short term, taking place every Wednesday lunchtime, 12.30 – 2pm. 

Every other week we’ll theme the session around a very relevant topic/challenge that we can get to grips with together, while the alternating weeks will be kept open and informal as an opportunity to check in with one another, offer support to each other and generally take a deep breath! We’re also reaching out to our network of workshop providers and speakers with the aim of creating a programme of talks and workshops online in the coming weeks.

Beginning on 1 April, we’re starting with the very relevant topic of ‘A Different Kind of Connection: Moving your Community Activity Online’. 

If you’ve never used Zoom before (completely free to download), here's a nice little video made by a dementia friendly group, offering you a step by step and very visual guide to joining a call and finding your way around. 

Here’s the first few sessions we’ve got planned so far, but please keep chatting to us on our Network Facebook Group to let us know what other themes you’d like to explore with others, plus keep an eye on our website for more topics as we confirm them. 

Once you’ve registered once to join these calls, you won’t need to do so again and can then join any that interest you;

  • Wednesday 1 April 12.30 – 2pm: Moving your Community Activity online (Register in advance for this meeting (and others):  
  • Wednesday 8 April 12.30 – 2pm: Looking after You (to look after others)
  • Wednesday 15 April 12.30 – 2pm: From hopelessness to hopefulness
  • Wednesday 22 April 12.30 - 2pm: Looking after You (to look after others)
  • Wednesday 6 May 12.30 - 2pm: Looking after You (to look after others)
  • Wednesday 20 May 12.30 - 2pm: Looking After You (to look after others)

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