Paper Pom Poms

Making paper pompoms are a simple, cheap and fun activity. Plus – if you make them with old newspapers, it’s a great way to recycle and repurpose unused materials! Fluffy paper pompoms can be used as decorations in your home, community centre or your neighbourhood.


  • Paper (or tissue paper, or newspaper)
  • Thin crafts wire
  • String or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

To make one paper pompom, you will need about 8-12 sheets of paper. Top tip – if you’re using coloured tissue paper, mix in different colours for a rainbow pompom!



Stack the sheets, take the long edge, and fold a small strip of the paper – about 2 inches. Flip the paper stack over and fold it length-ways again, using the first fold as a guide. Continue this accordion-fold until you reach the end of the paper. Press down to crease the folds.


Would you like a round pompom or a spikey pompom? For a spherical pompom, round both ends of the paper stack using scissors. For a spikey pompom, cut triangle points instead.


Loop the thin crafts wire around the middle of the paper stack and twist it to secure. With the end of the wire, create a loop so you can hang the pompom when finished.


Gently pull out each sheet and fan out the paper to form a pompom. Reposition until you get an arrangement you’re happy with – but be careful not to rip it! With the loop, attach some string or ribbon to hang.

Ta-dah! Well done, you have your paper pompom! How did you do? We’d love to see your results, share them on our Facebook Group.

Credit to Better Homes and Gardens.