Make your own festive crackers

Outline of Christmas cracker with illustrated design of light blue graphics, including a mince pie, gingerbread man, christmas pudding and candy cane. The Big Lunch at Christmas logo is in the centre.

DIY crackers are easy to make with bits and pieces from around the home and you can customise them however you like. They're a great free Christmas activity for kids!

Get creative with what you put inside. Write a festive joke for people to share – they’re great for starting conversations or include something more personal, perhaps a favourite or funny memory. Maybe you want to randomly assign challenges, like having to sneak an odd word in a conversation, or use them to help people get to know one another better – can you find someone who doesn’t like mince pies?

It's a perfect fun festive craft that’ll add a little extra to your Big Lunch table!

Download the cracker template


What you'll need

  • Our festive cracker template
  • A piece of card
  • Pens or pencils for colouring
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife, cutting mat and ruler, if you have them
  • Small cardboard tube – a toilet roll from your recycling is perfect!
  • Glue stick or sticky tape
  • Ribbon, wool or string
  • Anything you’d like to put inside!
  • Cracker snaps (optional)
  • Tissue or shredded paper (optional)  – if you don’t want any rattling


1) Print our festive cracker template onto a piece of card.
2) Decorate the template by colouring in the pattern, or enjoy as it is.
3) Carefully cut out your cracker, if possible use a craft knife for the trickier pieces.
4) Score along the fold lines – this makes it easier to assemble.
5) Wrap your template around the cardboard tube and secure it with tape or glue.
6) Tie one end of the cracker with ribbon, wool or string. The cuts should gather up as you pull together.
7) Add a joke, note, surprise or goodie through the open end, then tie up in the same way.
8) Bring to your Big Lunch at Christmas for guests to enjoy.

A homemade cracker also makes a lovely gift. Spread some cheer and leave on doorsteps, desks or under the tree!