Hiding books, connecting communities

Picture of a book coming to life

Be like The Book Fairies and hide a good read in your neighbourhood.  It's a lovely way to bring a community together!

You will need

  • A book
  • Your local area

And, that's it!

 We all have that one (or more!) book. The one we urge all our friends and family to read, and hope everyone in the whole wide world can experience it like we have! If this sounds familiar, why not become a book fairy? Take a book you love, and hide it in your local area.  You’ll get to share your favourite read and give your book new life, whilst someone else has the excitement of a special discovery.


Take a book, find a hiding place

Start by selecting one of your favourite reads. then work out where to hide it.  It really is as simple as that! Just try to consider:

  • The weather: soggy books are sad books;
  • Hard to spot vs. hard to find: abandoned books are even sadder;
  • Your neighbourhood: where the usual walking and social spots are.

Some of our favourite hiding spots include transport stations (or even on the transport itself!), sheltered parks, and well-known hang-douts.

Recruit book fairies

You could team up with a local reading group or community group so that more people are hiding and finding books, and share pictures of the books you are hiding on local community pages with location clues.  We think it would be a great addition to a Big Lunch or community event too – encourage neighbours to bring a book to hide and everyone can go home with a new story to explore as well as some new friends!

You can still get hold of the official Hide a Book stickers to share around your neighbours and encourage them to take part (they’re available in multiple languages!). Or you could write your own greeting to slip inside your book before you hide it; but please, no spoilers!