Get to know your community with human bingo!

2013 Big Lunch street party in Birmingham.

These human bingo cards are the perfect way to break the ice and start a conversation!


What is human bingo?

Human bingo is a fantastic ice breaker game, which helps people learn about each other. People walk around looking for people that match the facts listed on the human bingo sheet.


How to play human bingo

To play human bingo, simply grab a group of friends, download and print our human bingo game (or even make your own) and that's it - you're ready to get started! 


How to make your own human bingo

Create your own human bingo game in just a few easy steps! 

  1.  Prepare your cards - you could use a piece of paper and draw a 5x5 set of boxes as a guide.
  2.  Fill in the bingo boxes - think of interesting characteristics and fill them in! You could use things like 'has two pets', 'has travelled to Australia', 'has an accent' or all sorts of other characteristics.
  3. Distribute the cards to everyone and explain the rules.
  4.  The first person to get a bingo wins! 


Simply download and print or make your own!

Download your bingo cards
Human Bingo cards to start a conversation
Download your answer cards
Human bingo answer cards

We'd love to know if Human Bingo has helped you make new connections! Share your experiences with the team at (make sure you get consent from anyone who features in photos first!).