Practical Communication Skills to Connect with Your Community

A bite-size series of 6 FREE online sessions.

Over the past few years, and especially, the past two communicating with people via the digital world has become essential, in fact for some it has been the only way to stay in touch with others. In our desire to reach out and help people stay connected within our communities, groups and activists have adapted tremendously in all sorts of creative ways to communicate effectively. Many of us have found it an uncomfortable learning curve and so many say that in the absence of regular in-person activity, staying connected feels like an uphill struggle!

My own experience has been up and down; one day elated at finding my way around Zoom successfully, and the next exasperated with getting my head around an online booking program to help people join in activities without putting them (or me) off! Simple gaps in my knowledge have emerged and though seemingly simple, they have sometimes got in the way of me moving forwards.

We’ve heard from lots of people who feel the same, who say they would benefit from ‘just enough’ practical support and guidance to help get them off the ground or fill a knowledge gap on their road to developing good communication with their communities.

So we’re delighted to bring together this beginner level, bite-size series of six free sessions with different communication themes for you to take your pick from – come to one or all, it’s up to you!  

Whether you want to build your membership, send a newsletter, create eye-catching posters or spread the word about an event, there will be something here that could help you. We’ll be pooling our learned experience and knowledge of free tools, tips and hacks to combine discussion, practical skill sharing and conversational based solutions.

Together we can support each other, and we can’t wait to get started!

Sam Evans
Community Network Developer in Wales

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