Patricia and Mick from Dundee

Mick Vine from Dundee is thanking his neighbour Patricia.

“I've known Patricia for about 10 years since we moved into the block of maisonettes where we live. She has always been involved with the community; however, I never really knew how much until I got involved much later in April 2018.

Patricia has guardianship of her grand-daughter, Ava, who is 6 days younger than Ollie (my grandson). She's three-years-old and Patricia took on the role of looking after her as well as her husband who is struggling with ailments. Not only does she find the time and energy for this but she helps at the Community Garden that I run, once a week, more during the summer and she attends and helps out at the Whorterbank Laughter Club, which is an out of school weekly club for children of all ages up to around 15. Patricia is also the secretary for the Phoenix Tenants Association and is a voting member of the Lochee Regeneration Forum, both of whom have meetings once a month."