Neighbourhoods and Communities

The Big Lunch pack contents

Everything you need to help you get planning a fun filled feast in your community!

Three road closure signs with a street party in the distance and lots of bunting.

What to do if you want to try and shut your road for a Big Lunch.

colourful question marks

If your question isn't covered, get in touch and we'll help you out.

A boy jumping in a puddle.

Rain or shine, you'll have a fab time!

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An online tool to share Big Lunch plans and tasks.

A group celebrating on their street next to a long table with food.

A step by step guide.

Insurance for Big Lunch

All you need to know, plus our specially negotiated Big Lunch insurance offer!

To help you spread the word about your Big Lunch. 

Two woman hold plates of food.

Why The Big Lunch is so important and the impact it can have.

A woman carrying a trolley of cardboard boxes.

Worried about something? Look no further...