Stephen Terry's Lamb & Potato Torta

Stephen Terry's Lamb & Potato Torta

A photo of Welsh Chef Stephen Terry's Lamb and Potato Torta
A truly hearty meal that is great for sharing

Serves 10


1 shoulder of lamb – approx 2.5 – 3kg
2kg peeled medium-size Maris Piper potatoes
4 ltrs rendered lamb fat
5 long sprigs rosemary – 3 finely chopped and 2 just picked
20g chopped flat parsley
2 cloves garlic – 1 finely chopped, 1 crushed
200ml chicken stock
Crushed sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


Lightly salt the shoulder and rub with the crushed garlic and picked rosemary. Leave for 8 hours. This will remove excess moisture from the lamb.

Heat the lamb fat to approx 80ºc and place the lamb shoulder into it. Do not allow the shoulder to boil as this will make the meat tough. Cook for approx 3 hours. When the bone can be removed easily the lamb is ready.

Allow to cool in the fat to room temperature. Remove the lamb from the fat and then remove all meat.

Slice potatoes thinly (2mm) and reserve.

Smear inside of baking dish (approx 25 cm across x 4.5cm deep, with a lid) with finely chopped garlic clove.

Starting form the outside, lay overlapping slices of potato over the base of the dish until completely covered. Season and sprinkle with rosemary & parsley. Then lay pieces of lamb confit over the potato layer to form a complete layer of lamb, approx 1.5cm thick. Now layer with potato, season and add herbs and then cover again with lamb. The final layer should be a double thickness of potato, seasoned and with herbs added as before. Pour over the stock and allow to seep into the torte.

Cover and cook in an oven preheated to 180ºc for 75 minutes. Then remove and allow to cool to room temperature. Once it's cooled, refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

To serve, cut the torte into 10 equal portions and remove from the dish. Wrap individually in tin foil greased with olive oil. Place a knob of butter on each slice.

Place on a tray and cook for 15 minutes in oven preheated to 200ºc. Transfer to a plate and unwrap – the top potato crust should be a light golden brown.

Serve with vegetables or a fresh, crisp salad.

Just 10 steps to bliss!