It's a Knockout!

It's a Knockout!

If you don’t remember It’s a Knockout you probably weren’t watching TV in the 70s and you’ll have to find an older person to explain!

Essentially it involved two teams in fancy dress (particularly oversized, foam costumes that made running virtually impossible) racing over obstacles carrying coloured water. If you haven’t got a giant foam costume in the back of the cupboard, try making some out of old cardboard boxes — ogres and giants were the norm. Or add in some unusual things to wear, like flippers.

Here are all the ingredients you need to create your very own It's a Knockout tournament:

For that authentic look, you'll need some coloured water (don’t overdo the food dye unless you want to be wearing pink splattered clothes for the rest of the day). A different colour for each team.

Something to carry the water like a measuring jug or bucket. One for each team.

A bucket or dustbin to collect and measure the water.

Lots of obstacles to climb up, over and under.

Plenty of ridiculous costumes!