How to set up food projects in your community

How to set up food projects in your community

Community Food Projects.
The Eden Project's e-book, Community Food Projects, covers the benefits and the importance of bringing people together over their love of food.

What better way to share in community spirit than through everyone’s love of food. Whether it is as simple as preparing some jam or conserve for your neighbours, or throwing a Big Lunch for the whole neighbourhood, food has always been cause for communal activity. Food also carries deep personal and cultural connections and can be a brilliant opening to recognising the importance of the diversity that surrounds you.

Community food projects are all about allowing local people to have control over where their food comes from and establishing links within your communities. These projects can also reduce our negative environmental impacts and make us appreciate the effort it takes to put food on the table. There are a myriad of other benefits to community food projects —reducing social isolation, improving health or just giving everyone the chance to come together for a good time!

What the e-book covers:

  • What are community food projects?
  • How to set up community food projects appropriate to your area.
  • Tips for growing your own food.
  • Examples of successful projects.
  • How to start your own food-related enterprise.
  • How to make better use of the food and skills you have.
  • Ideas on creating community events for sharing and celebrating food.