How to publicise your Big Lunch

How to publicise your Big Lunch

The Big Lunch written in chalk.
This guide is for Big Lunchers or community event organisers looking to publicise their event with media coverage.

Sharing a strong, locally relevant story with media can land good publicity, so no matter how small a mention, press coverage can help other people get to know about the great stuff going on where you live. It’s a brilliant way to promote your event, celebrate the achievements of your community and inspire others to get involved. Journalists are always on the hunt for stories that will interest their audiences, so take advantage of their need for relevant content and share the news that matters most! 

There’s tons of ways to get the word out about what’s going on where you live, including social media, TV, newspapers, local radio, magazines, online media, blogs and even vlogs. If you’re hoping to reach a wide audience in a short space of time, our hints and tips can help you generate media attention through the written word, broadcast, social media, and more.

What the guide covers:

  • What media is, and why it matters
  • How you can spread the word across different channels
  • How Eden Project Communities can support you in sharing your community news

Download the Publicity Guide here.

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