How to make paper people chains

How to make paper people chains

The most important thing at a Commonwealth Big Lunch is bringing people together. What better way to show this than with some paper people chains!

They're easy to make and fun to decorate, and who doesn't love the challenge of where or where not to cut to keep them connected?


  • Paper or card, the more colourful the better. Old wrapping paper, wallpaper or plain will do.
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape or stapler
  • Pencil

Take your paper or card, and fold concertina-style (as if you are making a paper fan).  Keep going until you have folded the whole sheet of paper.


Draw a template

Draw a person on the front fold.  Make sure the arms (and feet if you like) reach each folded edge, as this will be how the figures connect.

Snip snip

Cut around most of your person, and through all the layers of paper, but remember not to cut out the whole shape! Make sure to avoid cutting where the arms (and feet) reach the edge of the folds - this keeps them linked.

The big reveal

Unfold your paper to reveal a connected people paper chain.  Tape or staple chains together to make them as long as you like.

Top tip: Have fun and play with sizes, colours and shapes - you could dress your people or add hair styles.

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