How to establish an inclusive community

How to establish an inclusive community

Inclusive Communities.
This e-book on inclusive communities discusses why it's not only a recommended but a necessary part of every successful society and how you can achieve it

Communities are made up of individuals and their families who may come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures;  societies require strong grounds for inclusivity. If you’re planning to establish a community project, then it’s vital to understand how to accommodate this and even celebrate it. The Eden Project has always championed diversity, for we recognise its impact in adding to the rich tapestry of life.

Inclusion can range from simply establishing a conversation with different members of your community to ensuring that those who may not be so confident in social situations will always feel welcome. For us at the Eden Project, we don’t just recommend establishing inclusivity, we see it as essential. This e-book will give easy instructions on how you can ensure your community projects and events strengthen the ties between diverse members your neighbourhood.

What the e-book covers:

  • What it means to be an inclusive community.
  • How to respect and accommodate diversity and difference.
  • How inclusivity can be achieved in practice through community-led projects.

Download the Inclusive Communities e-book: