Homemade sloe gin

Homemade sloe gin

Sloe berries
As we drift into Autumn, take advantage of your community’s secret stash of sloes and have a go at making your own sloe gin, it tastes great and bottled up nicely it makes a fab low-cost winter gift!

For a non-alcoholic alternative, try this sloe berry cordial recipe, which you can use in mocktails or just as a tasty daytime drink.   

When should I pick sloe berries?

Sloe berries are generally available from September onwards but many people wait to pick them after the first frost of winter, (late October to early November) as the frost can soften the skins slightly and help release the juices. After foraging and picking them, sloe berries are traditionally pricked with a thorn taken from the blackthorn bush on which they grow.


  • 70cl unflavoured gin
  • 500g sloe berries
  • 250g sugar

You will also need a 1.5l jar and a muslin cloth.


Pick over your sloe berries to remove any stems and put them in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours
Pop your sloe berries into an airtight, wide-mouthed jar, enough to fill half way
Add the sugar and then pour in your unflavoured gin to the top
Keep in a dark place for 3 months but make sure to turn the jar a few times
Once ready, strain the mixture through some muslin and into a clean bottle, and it will ready to go!

Source - https://www.countryfile.com/how-to/food-recipes/seasonal-recipes/the-perfect-sloe-gin-recipe/

TOP TIP From Edward in Somerset, try adding the sugar after the sloes have steeped - this gives a stronger sloe flavour and means you can create different bottles to suit personal tastes. Give it a go!