​The water bomb game

​The water bomb game

Two children standing in the rain behind a road closed sign that is covered in balloons.
This is a great game to play — as long as no one minds getting soaked!

There are many games you can play with water bombs, but here's one of our faves:

Fill a number of water balloons.

Get all players to stand in a circle looking inwards at each other.

One person throws a water bomb across the circle to someone else.

If they catch it, without it exploding, all players take a small step backwards, widening the circle and the distance between players.

That player then throws the water bomb to someone else.

If they catch it without it exploding, the whole group take another step back.

Repeat the steps above until the water bomb either explodes or the catcher misses.

The game starts all over again in a small circle with a new water bomb.

Have fun!