Jock and Alan from Rhayader, Wales

Alan Samuel from Rhayader, Wales is thanking his friend Jock.

“Last year, on a frosty winter's morning, I opened my car door, started the engine, got back out and closed the door to begin scraping the frost from the windows. After scraping the windows I find my doors are locked, with the engine still running. The freezing weather had played tricks on the central locking system. With no spare set of keys, I began to prise the door open to begin the process of fishing the lock open from the inside with some wire. 

After a good 5 minutes of solid 'fishing', I got close to unlocking it, but not quite. It was at this point, 'Jock stepped in to have a go. I popped back in my house to find more tools, and when I came back Jock had unlocked the doors! Without a fuss, Jock smiled and carried on walking down the street. Late for work, I pushed on but didn't get around to thanking him for his skill and time. “