How The Big Lunch represents more than food

Steve Smith, is a community organiser, event coordinator and Big Luncher from Carlton, Nottingham. Steve is also the director of Sneinton Alchemy, a community interest company run by locals seeking to improve their neighbourhood, support local enterprise, and benefit their community.

In his role as director and as a music producer, Steve has organised over a hundred events including music festivals, international food festivals, and parades.

People coming together over food is as old as time, and we’ve had people tell us how brilliant The Big Lunch was.

Breaking down barriers 

When Steve found out about The Big Lunch he was sold on the idea. He said, ‘It was a fantastic idea, all about bringing people together to talk and to celebrate their community’. The following year, Steve and his colleagues at Sneinton Alchemy got to work, holding their first ever Big Lunch.

Held at Hermitage Square, Sneinton, it was a huge success. It saw over 60 local residents coming together to share food, share company, and to get to know their one-another.“We had funding from local councillors, we had a local food project donate food, I even had a friend deliver street play workshops! Although I got the ball rolling, everyone supported – it was a great day”.

For Steve, The Big Lunch represents more than just people coming together over food, especially in his area. He said, ‘Driving through, you’d think that Sneinton is a diverse area. Whilst that’s true, there seems to be a lack in dialogue between different communities. Through The Big Lunch, we’ve tried to break down those barriers and get people talking.’

Since 2013, Steve’s Big Lunches continually drew larger amounts of the community out to share conversations and food with their neighbours. Within the three years, Steve’s Big Lunch had doubled in size! ‘Our Big Lunches have grown and grown. At our last Big Lunch we had over 100 people attend. We had a drumming circle, a live band, even a catering company making the food!’

'People coming together over food is as old as time, and we’ve had people tell us how brilliant The Big Lunch was. This, and other community projects we’ve run have made a difference to Sneiton - they’re part of a solution.'

Join people like Steve next year and get people talking in your community with The Big Lunch, 6-7 June 2020.