People having a Big Lunch in a street lined with houses

Creating stronger communities and increasing the happiness and wellbeing of people across the UK is important to us. We connect people through our events, experiences and networks, encouraging everyday people to make positive change where they live.  

To help connect people and communities, we invite people to become part of something bigger. One Sunday in June each year, millions of people gather in their streets, parks and gardens to take part in The Big Lunch, the UK's annual get together for neighbours. A Big Lunch could be 3 people or 300, but the simple act of sharing lunch with neighbours starts to create positive change. In 2017, 9.3 million people joined The Big Lunch with over 90,000 events held around the UK.

‘I’m speechless at how it’s developed. I’d lived in my street for 35 years but hardly knew anybody before — now you find people all over the place who you know because of The Big Lunch.’   
- David Head

For those looking to develop a community idea a little further, our Community Camps at Eden provide a space where you can meet like-minded individuals leading community projects all over the UK. People who come tell us they no longer feel alone, and that by becoming part of our Hub Network, feel supported when they leave and make valuable connections with other people in their area.

 ‘I am part of a movement! There are lots of people doing great things, who are inspiring and strong and motivational — I feel reinvigorated!’ Madeleine Ellis-Peterson

At Eden we believe in the power of community, and the power of people collectively doing things to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. The communities we work with take small steps that make a big difference. Everywhere across the UK are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we work with them to create happier and more connected communities, celebrating where we live and who we live with.

I started to believe that what I do is important, it does matter and I do make a positive difference to my community. I felt really valued and empowered and was filled with enthusiasm to do things even better.

Find out more about Why it matters, and meet some inspiring people who've done amazing things in their communities.