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bunting two
Illustrative bunting string in teal and navy blue.


1) Paper and pens

Grab enough pens and small pieces of paper for each person in your group.


2) Make a list

Simply ask everyone to list down two things that are true about themselves and one thing that isn’t true — a lie. Don’t make it an obvious lie — and pick interesting truths to keep people guessing, while giving them fodder to strike up a conversation after, e.g.

  • My birthday is on Christmas Day
  • There have only been females born in my family for four generations
  • I once sat next to Johnny Depp on a flight from London to New York
  • I’m named after a famous book character but I’ve never read the book
  • I have a phobia of bananas
  • I have webbed toes


3) Show and tell

Then ask them to show their paper to someone else in the group and ask them to try and guess which statement is the lie — encourage the group to have conversations and ask questions to help break the ice.


4) Guess

Once they have guessed, they can then try and guess the other person’s lie.


5) Repeat

Repeat the process for the whole group — until everyone has revealed their lies and conversation is flowing!


Now you know how to break the ice…

…discover how to connect with people!