How can my organisation get involved?

Every year, many organisations across the UK get involved in The Big Lunch and we'd love for you to do the same! Here's why it's a good idea.

The Big Lunch... the workplace can help grow relationships between different teams in your organisations. A social break helps create stronger teams, boosts morale and workplace satisfaction, and reduces loneliness. If you're working remotely, why not organise a Big Virtual Lunch and invite staff to take a break from work and enjoy some time socialising over lunch? 

...can be a fundraiser for a cause that matters to you. Almost £8 million was raised in 2019 at Big Lunch events by communities, for the things that matter most to them where they live. a great way to connect your current volunteers and to thank them for their support. It's also a great way for people to volunteer in the community, bringing people together. This year, we're teaming up with good causes across the UK to celebrate summer 2021 with a whole Month of Community, kicking off with The Big Lunch weekend on 5 June, so there are plenty of ways to celebrate, whenever works best for you.  

Interested? Here's how you can get involved...

1. Host a Big Lunch in your workplace

Could you host a Big Lunch or a Big Virtual Lunch online, for your teams, volunteers, customers or the local community? Putting on a Big Lunch is a piece of cake. We have lots of resources to help you including invites, posters and games - all you need to do is get people together!

Whether it's a relaxed and friendly lunch break, or a fun-filled outdoor event, it's not the size of The Big Lunch that matters, it's the connections we make.

2. Encourage others to hold a Big Lunch where they live

Could you support and encourage your teams, networks, volunteers or customers to hold a Big Lunch where they live? Many organisations will be displaying Big Lunch posters or promoting this year's event in their internal communications, and others allow staff time off to organise a Big Lunch event as part of their CSR strategy.

3. Spread the word

We'd like as many people as possible to get involved. Can you help us to promote The Big Lunch on your website, in newsletters, publications or as part of your events programme? Our communications toolkit has draft social media posts and copy, and you can use our photographs, logos, graphics and sample press release to help.

The Big Lunch in a street

Don't forget to let us know what you're planning by emailing Lindsey, or by sharing your story on social media using #TheBigLunch.