Food for Life Get Togethers

This year, The Big Lunch has partnered with the Food for Life Get Togethers Programme which is about bringing different generations together through growing, cooking and eating. 


Grandparent Gardening Week (27 April - 1 May) is the next national Food For Life Get Together event, encouraging everyone to get outdoors and get growing!

Join in - bring older people, children and the local community together and start sowing the seeds for your Big Lunch in the summer.  Being active outside in nature, growing food and connecting with people of all ages is great for our well-being and it's lots of fun too! 

Get in touch with your local Community Network Developer to find out how we can support your Grandparent Gardening Week event.

Not sure what or where to grow?  We've created some special resources below to help get you started - you don't need lots of equipment or a big allotment space to get your hands dirty.   

Get involved and let us know how you get on!