Explore and Talk

Take part in four sessions where our early years experts share ideas to get under-5s exploring, looking and talking about what they see.

We’ll introduce tools for your child, available as downloads, which give a focus and purpose for a trail around the house, in the garden or when walking. We’ll share make and do activities linked to the trail, for more opportunities to talk about what you discovered. 

Join in by watching our online sessions and sing along with the lyrics. Use the online resources to have a go and share your finds or feedback with us.

Child looking closely at something

During this session, you'll be given simple tools which you can carry when you are exploring to help you stop, look, and talk.


Can you name and find the colours in the rainbow as you explore? 

Here we explore ideas for talking about objects and ordering them by size. 

Little girl

Join this super fun session where we will be using our bodies to explore a space, with songs to keep us moving.