Eden Project

A picture of the Eden Project showing two domed greenhouses, the educational centre and the outside gardens

The Eden Project, an educational charity and social enterprise, creates gardens, exhibitions, art, events, experiences and projects that explore how people can work together and with nature towards a better future.

Our first project was making a 35-acre global garden in a 50m-deep crater that was once a china clay pit, to demonstrate transformation, regeneration and the art of the possible.

We are inspired by the belief that people are more than capable of changing things for the better, and through creating Eden we’ve learnt what ingenuity, resourcefulness, hope and determination can do.  We all know that the 21st century brings many challenges: food security, moving and rising populations, plant and animal extinctions, rising energy costs, an ageing population, economic shifts and the increased risk of climate change.

These challenges will demand the best from all of us; our creativity, ingenuity, understanding, science, enterprise, humanity and our ability to work together. Through Eden Project Communities we support ordinary people to do extraordinary things as they build their skills and confidence to create positive change where they live.

The future is ours to invent. Let’s create a world we want to live in -
Dr Tony Kendle, Eden Project

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