Coorie in

We're all going to have to spend a lot of time inside this winter - here's some tips to make it as much of a cosy, positive experience as possible

  • Think about the things you find most comforting - a mug of tea, a cosy jumper, a wee treat - and make them a regular part of your day
  • Food is so comforting - make something delicious and hot for yourself! How about some mince pies, or a hot chocolate?
  • Winter is a great time to start new hobbies - reading a new book, knitting or storytelling are all great choices when you're indoors!
  • Start a joint craft project with your friends or neighbours! Could everyone make a patch for a quilt, or add a piece to some bunting? Be inspired by Barra's Community Christmas Tree!
  • Embrace the slower pace of winter life. Keeping a diary, and meditation are great ways to slow down and engage with the day
  • Getting out of the house will be harder, but it's still a brilliant thing to do for your mood! When the weathers good enough, get outside with a friend. Go for a walk, or even a winter picnic! Take a hot water bottle, a blanket, and a flask of tea
  • Be kind to yourself - listen to what you need, and give yourself space