Commonwealth Big Lunches

Commonwealth Big Lunches

Celebrating Commonwealth Big Lunches!

We'd like to say  huge 'thank you' to everyone who hosted or took part in a Commonwealth Big Lunch this Spring.  From the Solomon Islands to South Africa, and from Scotland to St Lucia hundreds of Big Lunches brought people together over food to celebrate community and their Commonwealth connections. 

Here are our best bits, but we'd love to hear about yours too so please answer our short survey if you can.

And don't worry - there's more to come!  Not only will the friendships we made live on, and the communities we are part of stay connected, we also have our main event to look forward to - The Big Lunch, Sunday 3 June 2018!

So whether you missed out this time, or you'd simply like another excuse to get together with neighbours and friends in your comunity, join us for The Big Lunch this June. 

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